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Again, this is normal — but being open about it is way better than being closed off, and feeling hurt by your guy or girl going on dates that don’t include you.Finally, Syrtash thinks that setting up some rules beforehand will help open relationships thrive.“It’s important to already have clear communication, respect and trust as the foundation of your relationship before broaching this,” she said. If you can’t trust your partner, having an open relationship with them will surely lead to hurt feelings. Since not everyone can see the person they’re dating involved with someone else, it’s important to know that you, as an individual, can truly handle this kind of arrangement.(And if you can’t, that’s totally okay.) In addition, Syrtash made sure to note that while you think you’re cool with it, you might change your mind while it’s all happening.Usiamo i cookie per personalizzare i contenuti, rivolgere le inserzioni al pubblico giusto e misurarle e per fornire un'esperienza più sicura.

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